Anti-Static Treatment
Anti-Static treatment may be applied to damp carpets to avoid build-up of static, which can cause computers and other electronic equipment to malfunction. This large electrical field is prone to build-up in wool or low humidity carpets.

Pet Odour Removal
Our chemical has been proven effective against urine, odours on rugs, carpets and upholstery.
Pet odour removal does not mask the odour, but attacks the bacteria that cause the odour, thereby neutralizing the problem.

Disinfectant Treatment
Carpets not only need deodorizing, but a good idea is to disinfect as well. Who knows what bacteria are growing in your home. We use a chemical approved by the National Contract Cleaners’ Association (NCCA), which is safe for kids and pets.

Dust Mite Remedy
Dust mites, that cause allergies, hay fever, rashes and Asthma, inhabit carpets and mattresses in an endemic proportion. The chemical we use is a popular food additive, which is sprayed on to the affected area and therefore is safe for use in the family environment.

Mattress Cleaning
As you spend a large proportion of your life in bed, remember that living organisms habitat your mattress (see dust mites). Living mites produce faeces pellets, which leads to unhygienic conditions. Regular cleaning will also improve air quality.

Leather Clean and Care
Cracked leather not only attracts dirt, but also leads to a deterioration of the life span of the suite. Our 3 stage treatment includes a product care for leather by re-vitalizing the natural oils that have been lost over time, and clean and brighten (buff) the suite as well.

Motor Vehicle Valets
Motor vehicle valets can be done at your home or workplace. We are able to clean carpets, upholstery, as well as inner roofs and panels. That spill or stain can be treated, and a full deodorizing can make your vehicle seem new again.

Curtain Cleaning
Our team is equipped to clean hanging heavy drapes, where it is both uneconomical, and time consuming to take down. Our skilled operators have special hand equipment to clean in the hanging position. Special colour brighteners are used to combat the effects of the sun.

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